As mentioned many times by now, our land is quite overgrown and vines have taken over in many areas.  We are cutting them down, liberating good trees (and chopping down bad trees) as we go.  We are finding lots of baby plants along the way.  Though we will save any serious landscaping until after we have finished construction, I find it hard to resist digging up interesting stuff we encounter and then we try to find them a home closer to our casa. 

Last trip down the hill (when I should REALLY have been focusing on helping Nick chop down bad trees) I brought up:

  • Two large sprouted coconuts (much bigger than the ones we potted)
  • A sprouted Avocado pit (discovered under our massive Avocado tree — I can’t wait until it is next in season!)

 I have since transplanted the two coconuts along our fence to create the beginning of what we hope will be a long row of coconuts (we discovered we have one sizable coconut palm growing there already as well as an even larger one behind the house next to the mango…we really need to learn to identify types of palms). 

I gave the avocado plant to our friends Lisa and Roger.  In 10 years they too can have avocados…  🙂