We noticed recently that the car was making some unhealthy sounding clanking noises when going over bumps and so we wanted to get it checked out before Graham & Emma arrived last weekend, as we’d quite a lot of driving planned for the week.

The challenge with only having one car is getting it to the mechanics and still being productive while they look at it. This was doubly important as the only day we could get it seen was last Friday, and I have to work on Fridays.
The solution was to take my work with me. One of the delights of having mobile internet is that I’m… well… mobile. I can take my laptop anywhere on the island or the mainland US and connect to the web just as if I’m at home.
So on Friday morning we dropped the car off at the mechanics (that had been recommended by one of my tennis buddies) and then we walked over to one of our favourite local beaches because we knew they had public gazebos with power points. I set up shop and worked while Miri relaxed in the ocean

Office by the beach!
Working hard… no really I was! 🙂

It was fortunate we were organised. The mechanic originally said to give him an hour and then he’d call. After about 2 hours I called him and he said to give him another hour. The local pizza stand (Pepe’s – one of our favourite hangouts) opened up so we had lunch and then I called again. We eventually got the car back mid-afternoon with a diagnosis (front left wheel bearing going), but no fix as parts were required. The diagnosis didn’t cost anything and we’ll take the car back in to be fixed next week after G&E leave.

That will probably mean another day in my alternative office… I can’t wait! 🙂