We’ve lived here for just over 3 months and today we got our second puncture (we noticed it when coming out of Sam’s Club). During 18 years of driving in the UK I only ever had 2 punctures….. hmmmmmm. 😦

The good news is we were better prepared this time. We had a can of the ‘inflate & fix’ stuff, but since it seemed like a slow leak, we opted to re-inflate with our 12V pump and drive to the local tyre place (Quique’s Tires) that helped us last time. They immediately took the car into a bay and did their stuff. From driving in to driving out was a total of about 25 mins, and the cost for repairing our damaged tyre… $5!! I can’t imagine any car-related situation in the UK that would only cost £2.50. 🙂
I guess this is a good thing since, judging by current trends, it seems we’re going to be having between 4 and 8 punctures a year!