Early on, we learned (the hard way) that long pants are a necessity whenever we work in our ‘yard’.  Along with closed shoes, they provide a barrier against attacking ants.  The other day, an equally painful case was made for wearing long-sleeved shirts (a bit of gear we’ve been avoiding, as a typical day here is 85 degrees and very sunny). 

I was happily clearing vines and shrubs around 5 baby palms (might be baby king palms!) I found during a ‘bad tree’ chopping session when I made the close personal acquaintance with a plant indigenous to Puerto Rico called Comocladia glabraI will spare you pictures but suffice it to say that the sap of this plant is an irritant ala poison ivy and my lower arms are nicely dotted with very itchy little blisters.

It will pass, I’m sure.  I was, however, a bit disturbed to read that this Caribbean plant is so effective at skin disruption, preparations from this plant were utilized for scarring in Vooodoo rituals.  Hmmmmm….me thinks we’ll be visiting Marshall’s soon for some long-sleeved work shirts!