Not much going on this weekend. We did some gardening (i.e. tree felling) during the day yesterday before heading out to Miri’s aerobics class’ holiday party at Kaplash (bar on the ocean front just outside of Rincon) last night. I must admit I was somewhat sceptical about this social event, but for $10 a head they had free food and an open bar… bargain! 🙂

Today was more chores, watching football (real football) and some lazing. Miri found a cool website that tests vocabulary and for each word you get right, a donation is made to the UN World Food Programme. Check it out, it is and is good fun and a good cause. Our best so far (without cheating!) is vocab level 44.

Another good game/education tool is Here your world geography is tested (you have to click on a map) against the clock. Best score to beat here is 374,435.

Be warned both these games get quite adictive. 🙂
High scores on comments please…