We were invited to attend an art exhibition opening yesterday in Old San Juan (the artist is a Rincon resident we recently met).  Of course, a trip to San Juan these days means shopping opportunity so we drove into town early in the day to visit a handful of furniture stores in quest for the remaining items we need. 

After a few fruitless stops in the Hato Rey area of San Juan (home of the infamous ‘Plaza Las Americas’ Nick now dreads) we ended up in Carolina, back at the store where we bought most of our stuff.  We ended up buying a console for the entry.


We packed the unit into our trusty Ford Escape and drove to Old San Juan for some wandering pre dinner (doing our best to avoid the swarms of tourists descending from the massive cruise ships) then we had a lovely dinner at an ‘al fresco’ restaurant.  As we still had some time to kill before heading over to the opening, we popped into the local Marshall’s.  I was under strict instructions NOT to buy anything (torture I tell you!) but to his surprise, Nick discovered that they had some lovely (and very cheap) African carvings and mask.  We purchased a few to augment our current bed room decor.  “I can’t believe I’m accessorizing…” said Nick with great dismay.  Oh how the mighty have fallen… 

While we are on the topic of accessorizing, our living room is coming into shape nicely, with a mighty infusion of color courtesy of ebay!

Living Room!


The opening was a very pleasant affair.  We met a bunch of Rinconeoros and Nick even found a golf buddy.  All in all, a successful day out.