We celebrated a fairly mellow New Year’s eve at home. We had a nice meal, played some backgammon then took our beach chairs (and some snacks and beverages) up to the roof. Our neighbor Leo had mentioned that a lot of people around set off fire-works at midnight, so we figured we would take in the show from the comfort of our home.


It was actually quite a chilly night (high 60s) so we both bundled up in socks and sweaters! We then settled down for the show. We spent about 2 hours up on the roof and thankfully, our neighbors near and far (we’re talking VERY far across the hills and in the neighboring town) don’t believe in waiting until midnight to start the pyrotechnics. We also enjoyed music (live and recorded) from the various parties loudly going on.

Though the following video does not fully capture the grandeur of it all, it does completely capture the dizzying mayhem that ensued at the stroke of midnight. We were surrounded by festive noises of revellers and fire-works. Some of the shows were clearly professional (far away explosions from Aguda, Rincon and Aguadilla) others more grassroots but equally entertaining. The only problem was deciding where to look!  Puerto Ricans know how to party! 🙂  What did you do for New Year’s?