I like (need?) a very strong cup of coffee every morning.  As result, I generate a good amount of used coffee grinds.  I was therefore quite intrigued to read that my coffee grinds could be useful in our garden:

  • Soil in the tropics often lacks organic material, which is provided by grinds, as is nitrogen. 
  • Ant will not cross over coffee, so coffee can be used in our ongoing battle to control ant traffic

As citrus trees are especially partial to coffee grinds, I’ve been happily scattering the grinds around them with the additional hope that this keeps the ants off our trees.  Many of our citrus trees are suffering from black soot which is likely due to an insect infestation–keeping ants away is first line of preventation, say my online sources.  This is because  the ants are coddling the honeydew exuding insects (likely aphids) living on the trees and protecting them from being killed by their natural predators and parasites.  In return, the ants feast on the honeydew.  So, get rid of the ants and the aphids will be gone too.  Well, worth a try.  If this fails, step two is a home-made concuction of white oil.

Any other good tips for using kitchen waste in the garden?