There is a large multi-plex movie theater at the mall which is home to our most frequently visited stores (Sam’s Club and Home Depot…).  Up to now, we have not visited it.  Today, we decided to combine a matinee with a well needed stop at the shops (someone was running out of beer…). 

We decided to go to see I am Legend, which I enjoyed a bit more than Nick.  The film is set in 2012, after the world has been devastated by a virus which killed 90% of the population.  Only 1% were immune and the remaining 9% were turned into rabid vampire like creatures.  Fun!  I thought the film did a good job portraying the minutia of a sole survivor’s daily routine as well as his unraveling sanity.  We both very much appreciated the price:  $3.75 each (that’s £1.91…). 

As to be expected given that Tuesday is a work day for most, we shared the theater with 3 others.  We were warned by friends that the venue was serious about their air-conditioning, so we both cuddled up in our sweaters.  All in all, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.