I’ve always been somewhat of a bread snob.  Nick was astonished when he first visited me in Boston and I purchased a $4.50 artisan loaf of bread at the Back Bay farmer’s market (it WAS a big loaf but yes, $4.50 for a loaf of bread is, as they would say in Minnesota, quite spendy).

Since moving to PR, we have been enjoying the local bread which is lovely and quite addictive but lacks the crusty, chewy texture I enjoy in bread.  I had always planned to bake my own bread (as I did in the UK) but never quite got around to it.  Yesterday, I got hit by a major domestic bug and decided the time had come for some 18 hour bread aka ‘No knead bread’.

This bread, as suggested by its name, rises for 18 hours and (wait for it…) involves no kneading.  Mind you, I’m not put off by kneading every now and then.  But, what I love about this bread (even more than how very simple it is to make) is the end result:  A chewy, almost sour-dough bread like consistency (lots of holes) with a solid crust.  Good eating!

I also made a loaf of Beer Bread with a certain person in mind.  Nick’s enjoyed his bread.  I enjoyed mine.


Beer Bread and No Knead Bread hot from the oven


Sliced No Knead Bread….yum!