These days, we spend a lot of time gardening.  Indeed, I have become quite fascinated with growing stuff.  I’ve always had a plant or two around and occasionally even started plants from seed.  Said seeds, however, always came in a nice little packet from Home Depot or the like. 

Now, a fruit is seen as a potential source of new growth (as nature intended!).  To date, I’ve harvested and planted seeds from one of our papayas, passionfruit (en route to becoming sorbet) and our lovely ‘Pride of Barbados’ (aka Dwarf Flamboyan).  But in the tropics, seeds are everywhere!  When in town one day, we collected a bagful of fruit that had recently fallen from some dwarf royal palms (Veitchia merrilli).  After a week of soaking to remove the fruit membrane and reveal the seed, followed by a mere month in a pot, 6 of them have sprouted!  Small things like this make me very happy these days!  Making stuff grow is good fun.


Pride of Barbados in front of our house — Very pretty!