As you know, we have been battling ants, small and large, harmless and extremely painful, since the day we arrived on this enchanted island.  My recent battle has been on the citrus tree front, where I’m determined to keep ants off of our trees.  As I’ve mentioned, ants carry aphids on to the trees and then happily feast on their sugary secretions.  Yes, a wonder of nature but one I do not care to support.  The aphids and ant symbiosis works well for them, but not for our poor trees.

My coffee grinds experiment might be improving the soil around the trees but it is not, to date, keeping the ants at bay.  Second line of attack is forming a barrier to keep ants from climbing up the trees.  There are commercial products that accomplish this task, but I read online that using duct tape, sticky side up, works just as well.  Being a big fan of duct tape, I figured it was worth a shot (especially as we bought a life-time supply at sam’s club…). 

So far, so good.  The ants seem very upset by this new introduction to their habitat, which is a good sign.  More importantly, they will not cross over the tape barrier.  We no longer keep score in our battle against the ants (too depressing…) but I think I will claim the upper hand this time around.  At least for now…

Host ants!

Not pretty, but it works!