Ok, not so exciting an event but for the fact that it was one of OUR bananas.   Yes, the time has finally come and the bananas are approaching ripeness (and it only took a little over 3 months!).  I noticed yesterday that the bananas seemed lighter in color than just a few days ago and went for a closer look.  Upon inspection, I found one quite yellow banana in the top ‘hand’.  I decided to pick it and give it a taste. 

We both agreed that the banana was very tasty indeed and, in fact, almost on the other side of ripe.  It was indeed time to pick the upper hand of bananas.  I approached the plant with excitement and a stanley knife.  In commercial plantations, the entire stalk is chopped off, which seems easier than just cutting off a hand (it doesn’t just snap off like I hope it would).  However, I did finally manage to sever the hand from the stalk without cutting off the stalk or slicing myself.  Result!

Now, we wait for the hand of bananas to finish ripening off the stalk.  Quite a nice hand it is:  18 fingers, 4 Lbs, 14 oz.