Amazingly, our bananas are almost all gone.  Normal eating as well as gifting is taking care of our first crop.  I am getting used to having fresh fruit from our land around (first passionfruit and papaya, now bananas) so was very pleased when during a trip down into our valley we discovered flowers on our large mango and avocado trees! 

May is peak mango season here in Rincon and indeed, the trees down in town are already chock full of flowers.  Previous examinations had not revealed any activity on our own trees.  However, as of today, it seems that we’re on schedule for more fruit! 

Given that I love both mango and avocado, I’m very pleased. Added bonus is that fact that, given all our clearing activities, we now have good access to our trees (as you can tell from the pictures, the trees are a good distance from the house).  This also means that you can expect timely updates on our fruits’ progress.