We have been invited to an impromptu fun afternoon on the beach (kayaks, pool, sailboats) followed by a sunset BBQ at our friend’s guest-free guest house this week-end.  Given the guest houses’ superb location and stellar reputation, a guest-free night is a rare occasion and reason for a party!  I racked my brains for something tasty to bring along (key requirement:  I had all necessary ingredients at home) and decided to try to find a feta-based baked item.  I found a recipe for Savoury muffins with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes which seemed to hit the bill but for the minor fact that I did not have any sun-dried tomatoes.

Given my recent success with the microwave, I figured there must be a way to make one’s own dried tomatoes in this magical appliance.  Indeed, I found detailed but simple instructions for Homemade sun-dried tomatoes.  I didn’t seed the tomatoes nor salt them, and I cooked them for less time than instructed (they would have otherwise burned to a crisp).  If you try this technique, watch the tomatoes closely during the second time in the oven:  Mine needed less than an additional 4 minutes.  Next time, I’d cook them for 10 minutes (rather than 15), turn, then do another 4 minutes max.  Regardless, the results were very sun-dried tomato like, in look and taste.  Result!

The muffins turned out well too and were quick and easy to make.  Next time, I’d up the amount of feta a bit and put in more sun-dried tomatoes.