We recently celebrated the 6 month anniversary of our move to PR. We had been trying to find a Spanish teacher with surprisingly little success (learning by immersion can only get us so far as most people around here know enough English to let us ‘off the hook’).

Recently we were introduced to Hank, a friend of a friend, who had casually taught people before. He offered to provide us with some guidance if we agreed to purchase some books and commit ourselves to doing a lot of studying in our own time. Sally, Hank’s other half, is also keen to improve her Spanish, so this provides her with some focus as well. A win-win situation. This morning we met up for the first session and were given our first homework assignments!

Now that we’ve got the structure we wanted and someone to guide and correct us, we are more likely to follow through and apply ourselves. Don’t worry, I don’t think we’ll be fluent enough to do blog entries in Spanish for a while! 🙂