We’ve been doing some ‘gardening’ (i.e., weed pulling, dead tree removal and machete work) this weekend and I decided it was high time to do a progress check on the mango and avocado trees (binocular checks from the balcony can be somewhat limiting). 

I am happy to report the detection of one (1!) tiny avocado amidst the flowers and masses (muchos!) of mangoes.  We also utilized my new high reach tree clipping tool to cut down a papaya from our steeply positioned tree below the retaining wall.  It was a two person job:  I cut, Nick caught the falling fruit.  Happily, the mangoes are growing well within my reach so picking them will be quite easy.  Figuring out what to do with hundreds of mangoes might be a tad more challenging (Mango chutney, mango chicken, mango sorbet).  Good thing mango slices freeze well.