Today we went to Mayagüez Mall.  Office Max was having a sale on office furniture and they had a nice looking writing desk I wanted to further investigate (but more about that in another post).  In the parking lot, I noticed a bunch of cranes in position next to what appeared to be a new store-front.  The words ‘OLD’ were in position and I was convinced that they were the right font to be the first part of ‘OLD NAVY’.  Nick was not as certain as I was, but then again, he has no idea what Old Navy is.  I explained that it was the cheapest store in the trinity also including Gap and Banana Republic.  Maybe not exciting to many of you out there, but for me, a wonderful new source for affordable casual summer wear (important in the land of everlasting summer). 

By the time we got out of Marshalls (more Ralph Lauren towels on clearance!), the ‘NAVY’ was indeed solidly in position.  Exciting times here in Oeste Puerto Rico! 


Poor quality Camera Phone Photo but the fact remains:  We have a New Old Navy Store!!!