As recently blogged, we received a tree as a gift and had no idea what it was.   I turned to Dave’s Garden, which is  (and I quote)  “a website that is building a community for the garden industry”.  It has 358,570 members and lots of great forums for various gardening advice as well as rankings of garden related sites (e.g., online catalogs).

One of their forums is called ‘Plant Identificiation’.  You can post a query (with a photo) and hopefully someone out there can help you out.  Within a day I had an answer to my own query regarding our mystery plant.  We were delighted to discover that it is Clerodendrum (Clerodendron) Quadriloculare (aka Starburst or Shooting Star).  I now understand why Jerry’s mom was a bit miffed that he gave it away…

We plan to take advantage of the Clerendendrum’s spreading habit and will hopefully form a lovely flowery hedge to hide the chain-link fence between us and the chickens (hiding the chickens will be an added bonus!) in the area that will eventually be our patio.