We have been trying to do our part for the environment.  We visit the local recyling center weekly with our paper, cardboard, plastics and glass and put our aluminium cans out for collection by a local woman (as a side note, this woman is in insanely good shape, as she walks up and down the local hills daily, collecting cans).

To date, we have not yet been systematically composting garden and kitchen refuse. Yes, we have piles of garden cuttings slowly breaking down and, of course, I’ve been piling coffee grinds on anything in the garden that doesn’t move… But no ‘real’ compost bin to speak of.  We had talked about eventually building a compost bin but it wasn’t really a priority. 

Last week, I felt a strong urge to start composting.  For real.  I came very close to buying a pre-fab compost bin but the company would not ship to PR.  So, I started re-visiting the ‘build your own’ option.  We want to start small and also keep our compost pile secured and contained (no need to send out invites to our local rodent and other 4 legged neighbors).  We had noticed that fairly large plastic trash cans were on sale at Home Depot so when I saw these online plans for how to make a garbage can bin, we figured it was worth the $12 investment…

Wish us luck in our composting efforts!  Of course, I’ve done some research on the dos and don’ts of composting.  But, as were are compost novices, any insider tips on compost ‘best practices’ would be much appreciated! We are especially interested to hear about the strangest things you toss into your compost pile or bin.