Helen recently pointed out that toilet paper roll (loo roll to you brits) inners can be a positive addition to our compost bin.  However, these days, any cardboard rolls are quickly appropriated to become seed pots.

The principle is simple (but if you want more complete directions, here is a link). Take a cardboard roll, cut at least 4 slits around one end and fold these slits over to seal the bottom of the roll.  Fill with soil.  The best thing about this system is that once seeds have germinated, you open up the folds and pop the whole package (soil, plant and roll) into a larger pot of soil.  No disturbing of young roots, no messy little pots to deal with.   

So far, the system is working very well for me. Generally speaking, germination speed here is crazy fast. I planted my ‘veg and herb garden’ seeds a week ago and almost everythings started popping up after 5 days (mint, asian eggplant, purple basil, tomatoes, hot peppers second type of eggplant is tardy).