Our lovely recent guest Raquel kindly left me one of her ‘vacation reads:  A non-fiction book by Barbara Kingsolver.  Kingsolver is a fiction writer I’ve very much enjoyed in the past, and in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle  she outlines her family’s quest to eat locally for one year.  Eating locally meant growing as much of their food as possible and percuring the rest from local growers and farmers.

I am finding the book very thought provoking, and indeed timely, as I continue my own personal quest to grow stuff we can actually eat!  Shopping at our local supermarket is often a sad reflection of very NON local trade practices.  It pains me (and I mean really pains me) to have to buy garlic from, of all places, China!  This cannot be for lack of demand, as Puerto Rican cuisine relies heavily on garlic.  I find it hard to believe that it is not grown locally and will continue to try to find a local source of garlic.  Plan B is to grow my own garlic, using something other than Chinese garlic cloves as my planting stock…

On a positive (and very local) note, our large mango tree has so many mangoes on it that I’ve warned Nick we’ll be buying a deep-freezer come harvest time! 

PS:  Since writing this, I’ve done a bit of research and found out that 75% of garlic in US supermarkets is imported from China…


Just a fraction of our first mango crop


 Mango close up