On Sunday, we decided we ‘needed’ some beach time.  We headed down south to Playa Buye, one of our favorites. Unfortunately, many others feel the same and by the time we got to the beach, it was jam-packed with families (and coolers, and hammocks and bbqs).

We have become a tad beach spoiled, as we are now used to having lengths of beach to ourselves (OK, I know, most of you have your unsympathetic faces on by now).  Bottom line, this was not the relaxing beach scene we had ‘signed up’ for.  After a quick swim and a bite to eat, we headed back to the car (and cursed ourselves for not just going to Tres Hermanos…).

Given its proximity (and we had heard nice things about it), we decided to go check out the Boqueron Public Beach . The area around the beach is quite developed (nice roads, lots of condo buildings) and the beach itself if very spacious and nicely landscaped. As it is a much larger beach than Playa Buye, though equally busy, it didn’t seem quite as zoo-tastic. Yet another beach to add to our arsenal of beach venues. However, truth be told, we still think Tres Hermanos is hard to beat on most fronts (and its definitely hard to beat 15 minutes from door to sand…).