The past week has been a tad stressful.  We are at a crucial point in the construction of our parking area/driveway and the early-ish onset of the rainy season has been creating some slight set-backs.  Rather than spend another day of watching the skies and waiting for yet another day of powerful rains, we decided to get far away from our construction zone.   So, early Sunday morning, we headed out to Viejo San Juan.

We spent a pleasant day enjoying the bustling street life of Old San Juan, checked out a few museums (my favorite being Galería Nacional with its amazing lighting and very impressive collection of Puerto Rican art, past and present), had a nice lunch at Bodega Chic, wandered some more and discovered an international artisan fair. A little over 2 hour drive and we felt like we were transported to another country. It was good to escape for the day but we were happy to come home (to the not to bad aftermath of yet another heavy downpour of rain).

Bodega Chic!
Brunch at Bodega Chic