We have lived in PR for over 8 months now and though we had been through the neighboring city Mayagüez on almost a weekly basis (heading south or for shopping), to date we had not stopped to check out the “downtown” area.

We decided it was high time for a “sightseeing” trip.  We started at the Plaza de Mercado, which is an indoor market.  In addition to many lottery shops, the Mercado has stands featuring fruit and vegetables, freshly squeezed juice, chickens (live and not so much anymore), fish and meat.  It is quite a bustling scene, with vendors yelling out to potential customers, highlighting their prize products.  I bought a pound of lovely grape tomatoes for $1!

As it was lunch time, we headed a few block over to Ricomini Bakery, which has been open at this location for 100 years now. Though some of the buildings in the area are a bit run down, the architecture is quite interesting, with some fairly lavish and ornate old building.

We finished our visit with a stop at the town plaza, which is very pretty and has been recently renovated. All in all, a pleasant outing.