We participated in Rincón’s second annual Relevo por la vida this weekend.  What an amazing and uplifting event!  The goal of the event was to raise money for cancer research.   Last year this event raised $114,541 for The Puerto Rico- American Cancer Society, earning Rincón honors for the best first event ever hosted by a community.  So how did we do this year?  The goal was to collect $126,000.  As of yesterday, with more money coming in, the town of Rincón raised $134,743!!!

The slogan of the event was Celebre. Recuerda. Lucha. (Celebrate, Remember, Fightback).  The event delivered on all fronts.  Loved ones were remembered in colorful booths set up by each team and preventative care facilities were on hand, offering free cancer screenings (including a mobile mammogram station). 

The key word however was Celebre!  Thousands of local residents gathered at the municipal sports center to support the cause.  Music, fireworks, dancing, good food and lots of laughter and friendly camaraderie created an event that is unlike anything either of us has ever experienced.  As the pictures and videos hopefully capture, it was an emotional but festive event and we had a blast.

Once again, we thank our friends and family who helped us raise funds towards this great cause.  We know you were with us in spirit as we walked around and around (and around) the track.  A heart felt “Muchas gracias” goes out from La Isla to:

  • Batya and Yehuda (St. Louis, MO)
  • Ruth (Birmingham, UK)
  • Naama, Bob and Ami (Allston, MA)
  • Raquel (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Saera (San Francisco, CA)
  • Graham & Emma (Bicester, UK)
  • Linda (Chicagoland, IL)
  • Kristin & Matt (Chicago, IL)
  • Valerie and Jonathan (Crawley, UK)
  • Chris Hardy (Somerset, UK)
  • Helen & John Tidmarsh (Somerset, UK)
  • Angela & Dave Hardy (Wales, UK)

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