A while back, our friend Caren warned us about termite swarming.  It happens, she said, at night after one of the first heavy rains of the rainy season.  Suddenly, little winged creatures will be everywhere (one of her first experiences with termite swarms was during an outdoor dinner party).  They will find ANY WAY to get to a light.  No worries, we thought.  We have screens!  Bring on the termite swarms.  Wrong…

Last night, I was sat in the study when I felt something brush up against my leg.  I swatted it away then looked to see what it was.  I found a creature that looked like a flying ant on the floor, along with a few others.  Inspection of the living room (where the light was on) revealed dozens of flying creatures. 

But how did they get in?  We discovered to our amazement that the creatures were crawling in from outside UNDER the aluminium door!  Well, at least they didn’t swarm from inside the house (though with a concrete and metal house, this is a fairly unlikely problem).  Needless to say, after killing all the flying creatures, all lights were turned off and doors were promptly sprayed.  Termite swarming lasts under an hour but it is not a yearly occurrence I will look forward to. It might be a natural thing of beauty but personally, it creeps me out!


Foiled by the screen:  Wings of the ones who stayed outside