They came back last night, but this time we were savvy to their ways.  It rained A LOT yesterday afternoon so we figured a swarm was a coming. 

We were both quite tired from working out (me: a long walk on the beach, Nick: tennis, both of us: paddleball on the beach) and then working on the land.  Nick recently reflected that neither of us has ever physically worked this hard before.  So, after an early dinner and clearing up, we retired to the bedroom to watch some TV (2-hr season finale of Grey’s Anatomy:  Cue lots of annoyed groans from Nick).  All lights were left off.

In the morning, we notices a few lone wings by the back door but lots outside on the balconey.  We stopped by the post office today and as if we needed further validation, the floor inside was littered with hundreds of little wings.  Gives a new meaning to the phrase “air mail”…