Back in November, we were gifted a bunch of coconuts.  The coconuts have been happily living in pots on our septic tank, growing and waiting for us to figure out where we were going to plant them.

With our terracing done and the rainy season clearly here to stay, we decided it was high time to give our coconuts a permanent home on our lower two terraces (to hopefully form a Coconut grove).  So, today I spent 2 hours planting coconuts. Then, I spend another 2 hours weeding the 2 terraces I had just planted.  You have never seen weeds until you’ve lived in the tropics.  My back may be aching, but I’m pleased to know that I’m giving the grass on our terraces a fighting chance. 


Coconuts back in November


Six months later and very ready to be planted!


11 coconuts, in two rows (photo from balcony)