Our Friday morning routine these days includes a trip to the supermarket (me), going to the Laundromat (Nick) and dropping off our recyclables at the municipal recycling center (together).  Now and again we have noticed a pick-up truck driving by with the tell-tale green symbol and the word “Reciclaje” on it so figured there must be a recycling pick up service as well.  But, we had no clue as to how one might get on the scheme (they clearly were not stopping at every house).

Today, I was hanging laundry outside when the recycling truck stopped next door.  I went piling up to the road (no easy feat these days with piles of wood and trenches everywhere) and told the guys that we wanted to participate.  I expected them to say that I needed to call the town or that I needed to fill out a form.  Instead,  I was given a large plastic bag.  Es todo.

After telling me that they collect every two weeks, a quick discussion commenced on the best place to put the bag.  The guy in charge strongly felt that the slight gully by the fence between us and our neighbors was the best place, overruling the suggestion that the area by the trash cans might be more appropriate.  I will try to re-negotiate this once we have our lovely garbage can corral constructed, which will afford the plastic bag protection from wind.  At this point, I’m just pleased to have negotiated another small piece of our life here on La Isla.