Back in February we visited Montoso Gardens up in Maricao. With our terraces in place a bit ahead of schedule (I can’t believe I’m still using the S word…) we suddenly have a lot of cleared planting “real-estate”. To control erosion, beautify our land AND provide some well needed shade for future plantings, we asked David from Montoso to assess our land and give us some plant recommendations.

Last week, David showed up with a truck brimming with goodies of the growing kind. For this phase of planting, we ordered:

3     Adonidia triples 5ft (aka Christmas Palms)
12   Coco plumosa  5 ft. (aka Queen Palms)                                          
7     Heliconia “Iris” rhizomes        
10   Heliconia “Tropica” rhizomes                                                          
5    Heliconia “Dwarf Jamaican” plants (2 gallon)                            
5     Heliconia “Mexican gold” plants (1 gallon)                                 

David’s suggestion was to plant all of the Heliconias in one of our slopes. The plants spread quickly, so they will eventually cover more ground and create beautiful and colorful ground-cover. After a few good sessions of weeding and planting, I’m happy to report that all of the Heliconias are now securely in their new slopey home. We have put the palms in position but are “living” with them for a few days until we are certain we like their configuration…and my back-ache slightly subsides… 🙂