One thing about the rainy season is the almost daily thunderstorms.
Fortunately we both like them!

Last night there was a particularly spectacular lightning show. It was slightly odd because the storm was so far away that there was no rain or thunder, just very frequent lightning.

It was calm and quiet as we sat on our balcony with our beers, listening to the crickets and enjoying the show. I took a video on my little digital camera. It doesn’t really capture just how much the sky was lighting up, but there are some pretty neat lightning forks on there nonetheless.

The intense lightning lasted for a couple of hours. The video is 13 mins long, but even if you only watch the first minute you’ll get the idea! πŸ™‚

Question: in the video you’ll see forked lightning going sideways (it was happening a lot and we’ve seen the same phenomenon here before). I was always under the impression that forked lightning was caused by an electrical charge build-up in the storm clouds ‘earthing’ to the ground. So, does anyone know why this lightning was going sideways?