It is Mango season here in Rincón.  The sides of the road on Mango Alley (Carr 115 heading out of Calvache) are yellow with fallen fruit.  Driving to Mayagüez these days is quite entertaining, watching mangoes drop in front and to the side of driving cars.  No, we have not been hit yet but its only a matter of time!  Less entertaining is when folks decide to stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD to get out a pick up some mangoes.  Yes, it has happened.  To be fair, most folk pull over to the side to do their roadside “mango shopping”. 

We have two varieties of Mango trees on our land.  The massive tree in the valley has mid-sized fairly fibrous mangoes (might be “Number 11” but I’m not sure: anyone know what they’re called?).  The tree behind the house is called “mango piña” by locals (the mangoes are much less fibrous and ostensibly taste like pineapple…). 

Though our mangoes up in the hills are a good few weeks behind their “mango alley” kin in their development, a good number of “hint of yellow” fruit are dropping off of the large mango tree.  With our terracing in place, getting down to it is a piece of cake (no machete required!) and I now do a daily sweep to pick up any fallen fruit and keep an eye on the fruit still on the tree (and there is plenty).  As I love mango, this is one “chore” I do with a big smile on my face.

I’m now eating at least one “fresh off the tree” mango a day and am happily planning a mango-centered menu for the next month or so!  Thanks to Petchie, I have a mango crumble recipe to try.  I also plan to try the following recipes in the very near future:

I also have dozens of recipes for mango jams, sorbets, ice-cream, cakes and muffins.  But of course, the more the merrier!  Anyone out there have a tried and true mango recipe to share?