We will be celebrating our one year anniversary in PR this coming August.  We realized when we moved over that getting over the language barrier was likely to be the most difficult part of our transition. “Poco a poco” I figured. We have made some progress and are increasing our vocabulary in leaps and bounds. Our friends H & S started us off on the right foot, with a few months of informal “Spanish 101”.  We learned to conjugate verbs.  Lots of verbs. 

Alas, H&S went back to the mainland for the summer. Spanish radio (sung spanish is slower than spoken spanish!) and road-side signs (and a dictionary in the car!) are great learning aids.  We have collected an arsenal of grammar books which have taught us a lot but are no substitute for a competent teacher.  We try our best to communicate “En Español” when possible.  We can say “Lo siento, mi  Español es muy malo!” so quickly that locals don’t buy it.  🙂  We plug away with our limited vocabulary and do our best to get by.  We just about manage (most of the time) but wish we could do better. 

We were excited to find and sign up for an intensive “Español Conversacional Básico” course at Mayagüez University. Sadly, the course was cancelled due to low enrolment. What to do?  Any leads on local tutors with references would be greatly appreciated!  ¡Queremos aprender a hablar Español!