On Sunday we visited the Festival de las Flores in Aibonito.  This festival is a yearly event and is attended by folks from all over the island.  Aibonito is a 2 hour drive from us and is up in the mountains, which meant that Nick got to drive up and down the winding “hairpin” turn roads he so adores.
The festival itself was very well organized, with lots of vendors. The variety of plants was tremendous and the colors were breathtaking.  We also enjoyed walking through the dozens of show gardens, taking mental and photo notes of those found especially successful. 

As typical at a Puerto Rican festival, there was also good music and plenty of food stalls. To Nick’s delight, there was a “tipico” horse betting game set up and he finally got a tutorial on how to play. No, he didn’t win but hey, a cold beer and some gambling at a flower show, way to keep my man happy! 🙂