We spent a relaxing day yesterday celebrating Independence Day.  Nick had the day off of work so we headed off to the beach.  We had no idea this was absolutely THE thing to do on the 4th.  We have never seen the beach so busy, with loads of Puerto Rican families setting up for the day (in in some cases, the weekend).

On the home front, I am very excited about the quality and quantity of fruit our trees are producing. Our massive avocado tree next to the mango has lots of fruit on it. I have been running survailance to see if they are still growing. Avocados do not ripen on the tree so you have to pick them when they are “ready”. How does one know they are ready? Beats me!

I guess with experience, I’ll know how big they are supposed to get. I much prefer the mango and parcha method of letting you know they are ready:  Plop!  Off the tree they fall.  Avocados just sit there.  For now, I followed the advice I found online which said to pick one, and see what happens.  I did, and  a week later I had a ripe and very tasty avocado.  As our neighbor Martin dropped off 3 avocados last week, we now have lots of ripe avocados!  Nick will be getting some guacamole for his upcoming poker game for sure!

Our parcha is producing fruit again (though the vine it is looking like its on its last legs).  Happily, the mango tree continues to provide a constant supply of fruit.  I almost have my chutney recipe memorized by now…  I did branch out to try a mango based dessert (I was asked to bring something to a friends’ 4th of July BBQ) and made a Chiffon roll with mango-lime curd.  It was very tasty!