These are very exciting days on the home-front, with every day bringing visible progress. We have been continuing our work on the land, doing our best to keep the terraces under control, weeding and planting and then weeding some more.  What was totally bare is starting to grass over.

It is amazing how quickly things grow in the tropics during the rainy season (even if the rainy season is a bit feeble so far). This picture was taken in early May:

Terraces Before!

Nick took this picture yesterday -see how well our peanut grass (maní) is filling in?

Terraces After!

We are keeping the slopes of the terraces a bit “shaggy” right now to avoid erosion. Eventually, we will trim them down. For now, we are focusing on the terraces themselves. This is how one end of the biggest terrace looked at the end of April:

Top Terrace Before!

At the time, our friend Caren gave us lots of plants cuttings and I was faced with the dilemma of how and where to plant them. Having 2 acres of land can be a tad daunting at times! I decided to focus on one terrace at a time, start at one end and move my way to the other. As you can see in this picture, the terrace slope was not in the best of shape and the first few massive rains of the rainy season did a number on it. Amazingly, the plants survived my effort to plonk them in the middle of the slope! They responded very favorably when I realized the slope was not really suitable for planting and built the raised beds (with walls made of the plentiful rock from our ground) at the foot of the slope. Here is what the terrace looks like today, with Caren’s plants augmented by our bounty from the Aibonito Festival de las Flores:

Top Terrace After!

View from the other side (with Mango, Coconut and sugar cane in view):