Yesterday I responded to an urgent sounding call from Nick to quickly come outside.  In our terraces were 4 large goats!  We recently dealt with an ill dog that decided to seek refuge in my pottery studio but that poor thing wasn’t moving.  These goats were everywhere!

I called our neighbor but she was unfortunately not at home (and not overjoyed to hear that the goats had now moved into the corral with her horses which put them dangerously close to her newly planted peanut grass) but suggested that the owner might live up the hill.  I left Nick guarding the goats with a shovel and drove up the hill to try to find the owner. 

To make a long story short, I was unable to find the owner of the goats.  I did have a very amusing conversation (solo en Español) with one of my neighbors on the top of the hill who at first thought I was asking about cable tv (Cable vs. Cabra – I really do need to work on my r’s…).  “No cable!” I exclaimed. “Cabra.  Como chupacabra.”  Once she was done laughing, she proceeded to tell me where I could buy a goat.  I finally managed to communicate that I was not buying goats but rather trying to rid myself of 4 goats that were NOT mine.  She suggested that I go quite a bit further up the hill where there was a guy who owned goats.  This seemed like a bit of a longshot and the afternoon rain was starting.  Also, I figured I should check in with Nick, the shovel and the 4 goats.

By the time I drove down the hill, the rain was lashing down.  My arrival prompted the goats to charge the fence.  They clearly decided that a barbed wire fence was nothing to worry about, and neither was Nick. They ran back onto our land and then rushed out in front of my car onto the road.  I inadvertently managed to herd them further down the road before they scurried off under yet another fence and another neighbor’s farm.  Where they are now is anyones guess.  Our neighbor was relieved her garden was unscathed as were we.  And to think I was worried about puny tomato worms