Since moving to PR, Nick and I have become balcony bird watchers.  Our house has a wrap around balcony which, in the back of the house, faces our valley.  Our balcony is quite high.  So high in fact that we often get to watch birds fly by BELOW us. 

Neither of us has a history of serious bird watching but we’ve been finding our “low effort” bird watching quite varied and enjoyable.  Sitting on the balcony, with a beverage or a meal, watching the birds fly by…not a bad way to pass time.  It helps that the avifauna of Puerto Rico is quite varied and there are a good number of cool looking birds to watch.  We especially like watching the graceful Red Tail Hawks glide above us.  Even more exciting is when they fly by at eye level!

Yesterday during dinner on the balcony we watched a hawk-like small bird dive into the passion-fruit vine, clearly after his own supper!  This morning Nick spotted a similar bird sitting on our parking area railing. As a side note, the new railing is a big hit amongst the valley birds who would clearly give it a thumbs up if they could.  Quick utilization of some much appreciated gifts to Nick from my family (a PR bird guide from Naama, Bob and Ami and a nifty pair of binoculars from my Imma and Abba) and we identified the visitor as a female American Kestrel.  Quite a cool looking critter and we hoped she would be sticking around the ‘hood for while!

Afternoon came and I heard quite the raucous outside. We hear a lot of birds noises around here but this one was new. Wouldn’t you know it, our buddy from the morning was back and had two friends with her. They spent some time diving from our electric wires and providing much entertainment (and noise). Nick popped out and got these pictures:

On the wire!
Bird on a wire

Taking off

Taking off

In Flight!

Destination Mango Tree