We are deep into the 2008 hurricane season but yesterday was our first brush with a “tropical disturbance” when “Invest 92” came for a visit.  There were concerns that the disturbance would become organized as it came over the island.  However, though the system looks pretty ominous in the satellite image below (Puerto Rico is in the middle of the storm above the large pinkish blob), we had some hefty winds and some rain but nothing much more than a typical rainy season downpour.  I took advantage of the cool and overcast (if slightly drizzly) conditions yesterday to give the haleconias and palms some well needed weeding. 

We received indication that more serious weather might be happening elsewhere when our electricity went out at 9am.  Nick continued working until both his laptop batteries died.  Amazingly (and quite atypical), our power stayed out for the rest of the day.  We got a take-out dinner and then spent the evening playing Chinese checkers (thanks Imma!) by candlelight. 

We were a bit more concerned when we woke up and the power was still out.  We plan to buy a generator but our set-up needs some work before its ready.  Our main concern was our well stocked refrigerator and deep freezer.  Fortunately, our contractor had a small generator we were able to borrow.  Of course, once Nick hooked that baby up and went out to get additional supply of gasoline, the power came back on.

Since moving across Puerto Rico, Invest 92 has turned into a fully blown tropical storm (named Fay) and is predicted to hit Cuba and then the Golf Coast of the US as a category 1 hurricane (with winds of 74-95 MPH!).