I’ve always been a morning workout person.  These days, however, mornings usually mean crucial catch-ups with our contractor and sub-contractors.  Things are sometimes so hectic that the two of us are simultaneously dealing with different issues of the day. 

Sadly, my morning routine of going to the gym 2-3 times a week for a free-weight session followed by a fun if challenging aerobics class has been mostly put on hold.  Working the land is a work-out of sorts, but not quite enough.  So, in addition to swimming once a week I have started “hill walking”.  Our neighborhood is VERY hilly so taking a walk is more like taking a climb…  This means that walking takes place in the late afternoon, when the day is cooling down.  Hill walking is a strenuous but envigorating workout and provides a very different outlook on our area than whilst driving.  It is also a good way of making new acquaintances and feeling more “grounded” in our new home.

Hazy view of our house from the other side of the valley