Tuesday night and yesterday, Tropical storm Hanna made her presence known with almost 24 hours of serious downpours, wind gusts and very loud thunderstorms.  Nick was up in the middle of the night surveying our kingdom and doing his water drainage checks.  He also noted that the power went out at 1:27am (not to return until after 6pm).  Thankfully, we still had our contractor’s generator, so we hooked up the fridge/freezer and Nick’s laptop (it was a working day) and were good to go. 

The one casualty of the day was a tree across the road from us.  Nick and a guy driving by moved the large limb, as it was completely blocking the road.  With the help of his trusty rechargeable saw, Nick then cut up the large tree branch and removed it from our property. 

Today, we have power but no water.  More big rains and winds are in the forecast, this time thanks to Ike.  September is peak hurricane season and it is definitely feeling a tad stormy.

Tree limb half way through “deconstruction”