Our water here in Puerto Rico is quite hard and mineral laden.  Though the water is safe to drink, we choose to filter it for drinking purposes.  As our fridge has a filter for the water dispenser, this is quite easily achieved.  I’ve found an online (of course!) affordable source for filters called A-1 Appliance Parts.  These guys ship USPS to Puerto Rico (for free over $70).  I was especially impressed by their customer service.  One of the filters we ordered seemed defective (the water was filtering through very slowly) and they quickly responded to my query, offered advice, then replaced it, no questions asked.

Anyhow, one nasty consequence of heavy water is mineral deposits on our sinks and faucets. The worst offending deposits are around the faucets. I’ve tried an arsenal of cleaning supplies. Scouring powder (Bar Keeper’s Friend) helped a bit, but a bit just didn’t cut it.

I have been using vinegar for various cleaning tasks around the house (cleaning out the water kettle, getting tea deposits off of Nick’s mug, “erasing” ant trails) so decided to try it on the hard water stains. I sprayed the deposits liberally, then I rolled some paper towel into snakes, laid them on the worse areas and saturated the paper. After an hour or so, I came back with my trusty cleaning tooth-brush and the stains brushed away with ease. Result!  Good thing Sam’s Club sells Vinegar in 1.32 gallon (5 liters!) bottles! 

Shiny and clean!