Last Thursday we went out and finally bought a generator. We’d been looking & researching for ages and finally felt confident we knew what we wanted. We’d been to a lot of specialist stores and not been impressed with the products and/or prices, so this time we went to Sears in Mayaguez.

They didn’t have a big selection, but they did have what we wanted, and it was on sale, saving us $300! 🙂

We got a Craftsman 6300w (surge to 9100w) gasoline powered generator. For those of you interested in the technicalities; it has a Briggs & Stratton single cyclinder, overhead valve, air cooled 342cc engine which produces a whopping 11 HP.

It had been sat in its box in our living room for the last 5 days (as we’re waiting for the metal security cage to be built around the concrete slab we’re going to put it on), but our power went out about 8pm last night and was still out when we woke up this morning, so it was called into action.

I dragged it out onto the balcony, filled it up with gas and oil and fired it up.
It works! 🙂

Our upright fridge/freezer, our deep freeze and the laptop I’m writing this on are all running off it as we speak. For now we’re happy we have some power, but it will be a lot better once it is located in its permanent home under the side stairs on the basement level. That is because it will be further away from our living area (generators are NOT quiet) and will be wired up to the all the electrical circuits in the house via a transfer switch.

Our new generator
Our shiny new generator in action for the first time