When we moved into our house in August 07, we figured that it made sense to wait until we built our laundry/storage room before buying a washing machine. It won’t be that long, we figured. Yeah right! Last week, with over a year of weekly trips to the local laundromat under our belt, we decided that our laundry room was close enough to completion for us to take advantage of a “3 days only!” sale at Sears and finally get a washer.

I did my internet research (I do like my review sites…) before our trip to Mayaguez Mall and honed in on a Frigidaire front loader. We happily took advantage of the various Sears specials, which included 10% off, an additional $50 rebate and free delivery and installation (after rebate). Our next job was to try to find HE (high efficiency) laundry detergent. Walmart? No. Walgreens? No. Kmart? Yes!!!

Our delivery was scheduled for Monday, which was also the day that the tropical wave that hasn’t been told it really isn’t a tropical depression (AKA Invest 93) decided to wreak havoc on the island. We have not had anywhere close to the amounts of rain the southeast and east have received. But, given the bad weather on the Island, we figured our delivery might not happen. Happily, during the 2-hour promised delivery window we got a call from the delivery van. The two friendly delivery guys installed the machine quickly and we were all set.

We had to wait until this morning for the sun to finally come out for a few hours so we could do more than just admire our shiny new machine (we use a “solar dryer”). Two loads later, I’m happy to report that our new machine works very well. I’m especially impressed by how dry the items are when they come out of the machine. Less than 2 hours on the line in very humid conditions and the laundry was dry. Good thing too: though the sun was with us for about 2 hours this morning, the rain is now back.


Self Portrait with First Load.