During the summer it rains a lot here. Typically every afternoon for a an hour or so. Lately it has been raining A LOT. During a recent storm, some parts of the island got 20 inches in 24 hours. This was a record breaking amount and caused a lot of damage in certain areas but fortunately it didn’t rain that much in Rincón.

We decided it would be a good idea to try and store some of the rain water that we’re carefully directing away from the house. We’ve had pipes taking water away from below the driveway for some time, so it seemed like it should be easy to install a water tank on one of the terraces and feed the pipes into it.

We went out and bought a 200 gallon tank and placed it on one of the terraces below the big wall. This proved to be the easy part. To keep things neat I wanted to bury our drainage pipes, but due to where the tank was located I needed to dig down a long way to keep the pipes going downhill… for some reason I couldn’t persuade the water to run uphill! 🙂

After a very long and tiring day of digging I got the pipes in place and drilled them into the tank. This was the day before we had the really, really heavy rain and when that came down it only took about 15 minutes for the tank to completely fill up! Fortunately I’d put an overflow pipe in to take the excess water out onto the terraces.

There has been no rain for the last four days so Miri is very happy to have access to a supply of rain water “on tap” for watering her plants.