Sadly our mature passion fruit vine has been on its last legs for some time (they only live a few years). With all the fruit collected and virtually no visible green left we decided it was time to cut it down.

Since it was such a large vine and was so totally enmeshed in its host tree (an inconsequential Robles ‘scrub’ tree) we figured the best option was to cut the whole thing down. As well as getting rid of the unsightly dead vine this had the added benefit of opening up the view of the valley from Miri’s pottery studio.

Since the tree was quite big (about 25ft) we cut it down in stages, taking off the higher branches first. Eventually we had to bite the bullet and cut the whole vine canopy down in one go, taking care to miss the other trees and our new patio! After that excitement there just remained the tedious job of cutting it all up and relocating it out of the way down in our jungle.

In time we will plant a couple of new vines on a trellis we’ll put in front of the side retaining wall, so home grown passion fruit will be back on the menu in future.

Dead vine
How it looked at the end

No more passion fruit
Much more open now its gone

Clearing up
Extra pic – me inside the vine with my saw