This weekend we set out for a day trip to Lago Dos Bocas  near Utuado to meet up for lunch with our “blog” friends Petchie and “O” and their friends visiting from Europe. We met up at the Embarcadero del Lago Dos Bocas from which the government operates a free water-shuttle on an hourly basis.  The shuttle is intended for local residents however anyone is free to take it. There are a few restaurants on the lake, and the plan was to have lunch at one of them. Two restaurants had guys at the dock with menus and boats.  Very smart, as this way, customers can be whisked off quickly to the intended venue…  We decided on one of two possible restaurants (I thought there were four but only two restaurants had “reps”) and headed on to the boat.

We had a pleasant boat ride (arriving at the restaurant minutes before a massive tropical downpour), with impressive vistas of dense tropical vegetation on steep terrains and towering bluffs. There were colorful houses dotted here and there along the shore.  We had a lovely lunch that will be memorable for the great company, if not for the food.  Next time, we’d try a different restaurant…

We all made a stop in Arecibo on the way home to check out the local lighthouse.  We discovered the lighthouse was now part of an amusement park which we might check out at a later date should we have young visitors to entertain. For now, we took our photos of the lighthouse from afar.