Well, Omar is now a Cat 1 hurricane, and it looks like its path is taking it to the east of Puerto Rico, through the US Virgin Islands.  Yikes!  This morning, we watching TWC (The Weather Channel) and for once, Puerto Rico was front and center, with Mike Seidel on the beach at Humacao.  For those of you outside the US, TWC is a TV channel dedicated ONLY to weather.  When one lives in “big weather” locales such as Chicago and Minnesota (as I did), the level of detail you get from such a channel is much appreciated.  Now, once again, it is helpful to hear expert analysis and the reassuring words that “the west coast of Puerto Rico should get a good amount of rain but little wind”. 

Our potted plants have all been moved to safety, the balcony is free of debris.  The generator is in place as are our storm supplies.  Its overcast right now but dry. The rains should be arriving later this afternoon and into the evening. Stay tuned!