We found out the hard way that we had a colony of Africanized bees living at the bottom of our plot. Nick encountered them when he unintentionally chopped a tree down onto their hive. Quique, who did our terracing, upset them when tried to clear out their home, and that was the end of clearing at the bottom of the land. We decided it was time to move the bees and reclaim our land. A neighbor brought over a guy who removes bees and collects the honey-combs. He surveyed the land, identified the exact location of the colony and said he would come back the next day, armed with a can for smoke and some jars for the honey comb. When he didn’t show up at the scheduled time we figured we’d have to chase him down.

A few days ago, we caught up with him at the local bakery. He seemed confused that we still had problems with bees. We were confused that he was confused… To make a long story short, he stopped by again yesterday and collected his smoking can from the bottom of our land.  Huh?  It seems that, unbeknown to us, he had come by a bit later than scheduled on the appointed day and proceeded to smoke out the bees and take the honey combs. “The bees are all gone!” he assured us.  His fee for taking care of our bee problem? $0. Yep.   Slightly anxious, Nick descended to the bottom of our land yesterday afternoon to finally continue clearing out vines and bad trees. The bees were indeed gone.  Just another amusing and amazing day in Puerto Rico.